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CS DF250

  • Go beyond RGB with ARGB, With ARGB each LED is controlled individually, featuring more patterns and more color modes
  • RIFLE BEARING, Lower friction bearing system, work more quietly and have a longer life time
  • With the DF250 you do not need additional adapters / connectors, it brings all the connectors you need to assemble an ARGB system
  • Anti-vibration system reduces the noise level
  • High-vortex-airflow with 9 blades turbine, delivers optimun cooling performance
  • Compatible with most argb capable motherboard
Part Number: AFC-CSDF250
Fan Type: Case Fan
Lighting: Center
LED Color: ARGB Color
Fan Size: 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
Rated Speed: 1200 rpm ±10%
Rated Voltage: 12VDC
Bearing Type: Rifle
Air Flow: 39.6 CFM
Noise Level: 23.5 dBA
Life MTBF: 30000 hours
Connectors: Standar ARGB 3 pin(male) + 3 pin(female) / 3 pin(MB) + 4 pin(PSU)

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